Zinc Picolinate 60s

Zinc Picolinate 60s


60 capsules

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NutriVital Zinc

  • Zinc supports natural immune function
  • Zinc offers prostate and reproductive support
  • Zinc supports blood cholesterol and glucose homeostasis
  • Contains Alfalfa, which is high in protein, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and other minerals

Zinc is found in every cell in the body and is a component of over 300 enzymes. It is required for the senses to perceive both taste and smell; it is necessary for correct immune function; and it plays an important role in helping to keep the prostate healthy. Zinc also plays an important role in reproduction. This NutriVital used a specially developed formula for better absorption.

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules daily 1 Month supply

Contra indications: High quantities of zinc will intefere with the uptake of copper

Full Ingredients:
  • (Elemental zinc)
  • Alfalfa
  • Zinc (amino acid chelate)