Understanding The Therapeutic Uses Of Cannabis Oil
March 4, 2018 Brankings

The incredible therapeutic benefits of ‘Improve Me’ Cannabis CBD Oil include supporting tissues, organs, glands, the brain and the nervous system.

‘Improve Me’ Cannabis CBD Oil is a completely natural herbal product which contains the active ‘cannabinoid’ compound produced from the hemp plant. Recent research supports the many health promoting values of the cannabinoids compound.

Studies show that it is non-toxic and is tolerated well across a wide range of doses.

The active cannabinoid substrates work by binding to special receptors on the cells, these cell receptors make up the ‘endocannabinoid system’ found throughout the human body. The receptors are found concentrated in the nervous system, skin, digestive tract, reproductive organs, and the brain. When the cannabinoids are ingested, with the help of the oil, the cannabinoids attach to the receptors and form a connection helping to activate their beneficial effects.

Found to help in:

• Improving concentration and alertness
• Promoting Cardiovascular Health
• Reducing seizures and Other Neurological Disorders
• Improving skin issues, including acne
• Lowering the incidence of Diabetes
• Improving mood
• Reducing anxiety and stress
• Improving sleep
• Reducing inflammation and pain
• Reducing food cravings

Derived from the legal form of the Cannabis plant

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